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Life After 2 Losses  is putting an end to

women, families, and communities

suffering in silence due to the stigma and shame associated with perinatal loss.

Virtual Support Group's

Meet the group's facilitator, Vu-An Foster! 

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Vu-An Foster, MPH is a preconception educator and bereavement specialist certified in Maternal Mental Health: Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder & Perinatal Loss and Grief.  

Perinatal loss is one of the most traumatic experiences a woman, family, and community will face. When not addressed, grief can manifest and cause other health problems, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, substance abuse, fatigue, chest pain, and digestion problems. 


LA2L recognizes that everyone does not have access to good grief support for several reasons, including lack of accessibility, providers, insurance, or coverage, which leaves those impacted by perinatal loss unable to receive the support needed to heal. With death by suicide as the leading cause of preventable maternal deaths, accounting for 20% of postpartum deaths, there has to be a greater emphasis on improving mental health care.  LA2L's goal is to be the model for good grief support. Here at LA2L, we believe good grief support is:

  1. Free

  2. Empowering

  3. Easily accessible

  4. community around shared experiences

  5. Not limiting support to just the women and mothers 


LA2L is unique as we recognize that not all participants thrive in a support group where the format has the participants relive their loss session after session. We realize that format can further fuel depression and anxiety. Instead, at LA2L, we spend a small portion of our time introducing ourselves and our story. The remainder of the time, we provide empowerment, including tips and resources needed to get back to a place where they can live with their loss healthily.

Through the raw data LA2L has collected from participants, we recognized a need to add two additional support groups Pregnancy After Loss Support Group and After Abortion Support Group.  We realize that pregnant participants need a space to voice concerns about their current pregnancy after a loss.   We also realize participants who have had an abortion need to be in a safe space where they do not feel shame or judgment and can grieve and heal from their loss.


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Virtual Grief Support for Women, Families, and Communities

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One in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage which means is in all pregnancies, 25% will en
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