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LA2L's Vision

LA2L believes that to eradicate reproductive and health injustices in our healthcare system, we must unite all efforts in healthcare and advocacy groups to effectively battle against this plight. As such, our vision is to build a strong collaborative community of physicians, policymakers, and pregnancy health advocates to assist women and families in:

  1. Pregnancy loss prevention, especially for those with high-risk pregnancies.

  2. Developing healthy coping strategies after experiencing pregnancy trauma and loss.

  3. Combat health inequalities that persist due to race and/or socioeconomic disparities.

By combining our individual talents, expertise, and strengths, we can stand stronger together in making the necessary structural changes within the healthcare system to ensure birth and health justice for all people.

Our vision aligns with the Birth Justice Movement as Life After 2 Losses is a Black and women of color lead organization that seeks to bring awareness to the inequalities that women of color face in healthcare and the birthing space while empowering those in the community to become an advocate, join a supportive network, participate in education and therapy-centered programs.

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